Being human is a balancing act.  We’ve accomplished an astounding feat. We’ve evolved to stand and walk upright, negotiating gravity through the contact each tender sole makes with the ground.  No wonder, then, that we’re afraid of falling; the fear is hard-wired. And if we’re structurally off-kilter, our postural muscles over-burdened, we’re unconsciously working overtime to avoid collapse.  The MELT Method restores balance, increases stability, and reduces the risk of falling in several ways. With the MELT soft balls and roller, you can: Deepen your grounding Boost neurological connection to your center of gravity Improve muscle timing and coordination Reduce joint compression Differentiate motion ofRead More →

Smooth. That’s what my left shoulder feels like and sounds like now. Amazing. Two or three weeks ago, before my vanity-induced daily practice of the MELT Mini Soft Ball Hand Treatment plus Facelift, it sounded like an ogre chomping on carrots in there. Now, when my arms lift forward, out to the sides, and overhead there’s no complaint. I’m having fun hunting for images of “dry” and “moist” as I walk in the woods, to illustrate the blessedness (is there any better word?) of rehydrating our connective tissue. Now I’ll be hunting for “smooth” as well. This is what I’ve got so far for “smooth,”Read More →

This might look like an idyllic scene, and it is. I was walking in these woods a few weeks ago with my friend Randee when I tripped on a root crossing my path. I stumbled forward, accelerating down the slope at what could have been, literally, breakneck speed. Then I tripped a second time, on another root. I’ve been practicing the MELT Method, an approach to self-care which uses a set of soft balls and a soft roller to rehydrate connective tissue throughout the body. Connective tissue is the three-dimensional scaffolding that runs from bone to skin and from head to toe, protecting our visceralRead More →

I’ve calculated the cost of the physical therapy which didn’t work for me — and compared it to the cost of practicing MELT, which did. Of course, practicing MELT has provided benefits that go way beyond restoring my left leg, but that’s another story. The total cost for a year of physical therapy treatment — including physician referrals, orthotics, and exercise ball was $3,154. The Medicare-approved amount was $1,442. My out-of-pocket expenses, excluding insurance premiums were $357. The total cost for the bundle of MELT balls, soft roller, book, and DVDs was $169. Total Cost        Medicare-Approved Cost       Out-of-Pocket Expense Read More →

Physical therapy said the cause of my ankle and knee pain was muscle-strength imbalance in my butt. But the real problem was the remaining stiffness, however slight, in my left ankle. As long as that stiffness remained, my body compensated by shifting weight off my left leg and into my right leg. What’s more, a disconnect between nerves and muscles in my left leg made that leg clueless about bending at the knee. By rehydrating the connective tissue and restoring the tissue’s elasticity, MELT techniques eliminated the stiffness in my left ankle and repaired the communication between muscle and nerve. Next: Cost comparisonRead More →

I’m so grateful to have found MELT. It’s been easy and cost-effective, releasing me from joint pain and giving me a dependable way to relax deeply. I’ve enjoyed both immediate and long-lasting results. Here’s my story, and why I’m inspired to share this art and science of self-care with you. Several decades ago… Several decades ago, my feet decked out in platform shoes, I took a step backward and realized I was about to step on the box of jewelry I’d made from buttons recently inherited from my mother. Attempting to avoid crushing the box I’d filed on the floor, I severely twisted and sprainedRead More →