Hear what people, including health professionals, are saying about the benefits of MELT: greater ease in body and mind, more restful sleep, relief from chronic muscle and joint pain — even pain related to plantar fasciitis and autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia.

Comments linked to selected Amazon.com reviews of Sue Hitzmann’s book, The MELT Methodare edited for length and clarity.

Feels so good
Lisa introduced me to the MELT Method. She has integrity, is knowledgeable, patient and kind. Just to be in Lisa’s presence is a healing. I like the gentle non-invasiveness of this technique, and it makes my hands feel so good.
— Norma B

Remarkable relaxation
I’ve been doing the practice for both feet and hands and it does seem to be helpful. After MELTing every other day for only twelve days, my chiropractor told me that my upper body is much more relaxed than usual and the MELT exercises are the only difference in what I’ve been doing.
— Richard Shulman, RichHeartMusic.com

Immediate pain relief
MELT has changed my life — from painful and hobbling to walking and moving with ease. Literally could not believe the immediate pain relief when I tried it for the first time. Who would think a roller can make this much difference to your quality of life? (I’m over 60 years old). The foot workout with the ball is truly amazing. All I can say is I am so grateful for MELT!
— C Braniff

My feet stopped hurting
After attending MELT classes, for the first time in over 15 years my feet stopped hurting, and I have tried everything. Doing MELT in addition to yoga, I have reduced joint pain 75%. My husband has arthritis. He’s only been at this for 3 weeks and has noticed improvement with his neck. Plus, for a very long time he hasn’t been able to bend one finger when making a fist, and now he can almost close it.
— Paula

Free from sciatica pain
I had sciatica pain forever and MELTing for 2-3 weeks slowly reduced and removed the pain. I’ve been pain-free for 2 months.

Buying the MELT roller and balls was worth it, considering that before I had to go on painkillers, make multiple doc visits, get chiropractic and physical therapy — none of which made the problem go away.
— Amazon customer

Help with plantar fasciitis
I really am impressed. I am a yoga instructor without mobility issues but with some injuries. I notice MELT helps out a lot with plantar fasciitis (probably from postural problems, which this method corrects beautifully). My body definitely feels a difference after each MELTing.

I wanted to see if the improvement to my posture was cumulative and it is. I practiced , almost every night for a month straight and noticed a lasting effect. I have not bothered to try MELTing with a regular foam roller for fear of wasting time and the MELT roller really does feel quite different.
— CM

Leg pain reduced
I encourage anyone who has muscular tension and/or leg pain to give this self-treatment system a try. Understanding the body and working with it in a gentle, harmonious fashion has reduced my leg pain by 30 percent in 3 sessions. I look forward to the future now.
— Minerva

Walking like a normal person
In less than three weeks, my leg is actually feeling better. I really like this MELT. It’s nice to walk like a normal person. I can even lie on my hip.
— Dale K

If you suffer from chronic pain…
If you suffer from chronic pain, learn the MELT Method and buy a copy of the book for your massage therapist and physical therapist and make sure they read it! Get the recommended foam roller and use it daily. MELT has helped my chronic pain level more than most other therapies.
— Melissa

Pain-free in ten minutes
My acupuncture doctor told me about MELT and it is amazing, the techniques really work! They are a life-saver. I am free of pain.
— Amazon customer

One session eliminated pain
I was delighted and surprised when just one session eliminated all pain for a day. I am now faithfully at it and continue to see lasting structural corrections. A sprained sacrum and a fractured back had me in pain for a year.
— EL

Eliminating sore spots
I had fractured my ankle and my rehab/Pilates instructor told me I had to start doing MELT. Use the roller, the balls, etc.

I have been following this regimen for over six weeks now and am slowly eliminating the various pockets of sore spots that were previously scattered all over my body. Tight and sore iliotibialbands — gone. Achy lower back — still working on it, but better. I sleep better now. My posture is better as a result, too.
— Joy

Seeing results immediately
I started seeing results immediately with MELT (I’ve been doing it almost three months, now). The book alone isn’t enough, though. To do the self-treatments you need to purchase the roller and the set of balls for the hand and foot work. Together those run about $120.

But for me it was totally worth it! I have been to a therapist to have this kind of work done. It was great, but expensive, and I couldn’t go as often as I would have liked. With MELT, I can do much of what she did for myself, every day, if I want to. The self-treatment system works and is gentle, fast, and relaxing.
— Diane

Who knew aches and pains were optional?
I sought out the MELT Method because I wanted to find some relief from aches and pains due to tension and built-up stress. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had aches and pains that came and went, stiffness that crept up on me, and I’d begun to assume that they were an inevitable part of the aging process.

The first night I used the MELT techniques, I slept better and more comfortably than I have in a long time.

After having worked with the MELT Method for a few weeks, I feel more limber and alert than I have in ages. Moving is easier, and I just feel more comfortable in my own skin. Whew. Who knew that was even possible?

The basic techniques are pretty simple, and once you get the idea, not hard to do. A very brief session can bring a lot of relief. I just try to incorporate a bit of MELTing into every day. For me, this is a do-able, adaptable set of techniques that help me feel more limber, active, and comfortable.
— Amazon customer

I’m sleeping once more.
— Joseph


Better than drugs for fibromyalgia
I have fibromyalgia and this helps with my pain better than any of the drugs the drs ever put me on! I recommend this for anyone with or likely to develop chronic pain and anyone who wants to prevent injury.
— Tanya

No more fibromyalgia pain
[at the start]
I have been alternating Hand and Foot Treatments each day. Today I woke up without body pain, which is a huge thing because I’ve been in horrible pain with fibromyalgia.
[a few days later]
I’ve had no body pain after doing MELT for four days. I can sit at my desk all day and nothing hurts. It’s been three years of agonizing pain. It’s really amazing and makes me want to cry, I can’t even begin to describe the depression the chronic pain gave me.
[a few weeks later]
After only five weeks of doing MELT, I feel the best I’ve felt in years and almost back to “normal.”
[four months later]
Just got off my fibromyalgia medicine and feeling the best I’ve felt in three years, even doing strenuous workouts and I’m ok. Thank God for MELT! What an amazing difference! About those migraines and TMJ — I don’t even remember when I had my last episode.
— Julie

Help with sleep, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation
I have practiced MELT regularly for about 5 months. I’ve learned that the effects of MELT cannot be replicated by other forms of rolling and exercise. I have done various forms of rolling, with the foam roller and different size balls, like Yamuna body rolling, etc. MELT is different from any of those.

I’ve also had various types of bodywork and energy work. I’ve done energy practices like QiGong and most forms of exercise anyone can think of. I’ve had different practitioners of myofascial release work on me. The results of MELT cannot be matched by any of those.

I started by taking a few MELT classes. After the first class I felt like my body was set free after being stuffed in a cage. I always feel much more comfortable in my body after a class. MELT has helped me a lot with symptoms of fibromyalgia and joint inflammation, and improved the quality of sleep. My posture is better. I also witnessed great and numerous improvements in my classmates. After several classes I was convinced.
— Karlson

Resolving anxiety, insomnia, pain; autoimmune disorder
My physical therapist introduced me to the MELT method several months ago. I had suffered from severe anxiety and insomnia and it was beginning to morph into chronic muscle tension that was, at the very least, debilitating. At one point I was told by a practitioner that this could possibly be a precursor to fibromyalgia. That’s when I got really worried and took up the physical therapist’s suggestion to try the MELT Method.

Almost immediately my insomnia began to improve and my muscle tension began to ease up. Through commitment to practicing the MELT Method I eventually lowered my anxiety medication.

I am still committed to the practice and believe that soon I will be free of all of my symptoms. I cannot say for sure if my symptoms were a precursor to fibromyalgia or another type of autoimmune disease but it certainly felt like I was heading down that road.

Back then I felt that my body was, in fact, attacking itself. I no longer feel that way. I would recommend MELT to anyone who has to deal with anxiety, insomnia, neurological disorders, muscle tension/pain, or any other type of related issue. Life is too short to live with pain when there are potential solutions.
— Kevin

Health Professionals

Best system for soft tissue injury healing
I am a certified hand therapist/occupational therapist and professional dancer. I have studied various methods to correct soft tissue injuries and was very pleased and excited to find how effective, efficient, and easy it was to address long-standing soft tissue injuries and joint alignment problems just by using the MELT method. I now use this with my patients and recommend they get the system to manage their conditions.
— Amazon customer

I’m a health professional who is sometimes leery…
I have been doing MELT for 4 months and can’t skip a night, it feels that good. I’m a health professional who is sometimes leery of claims but I think everyone should be doing this. 10 minutes a night is worth it.
— E Sanchez

An important self-health care tool
MELT is a very important self-health care tool. I am a manual therapist in practice for 23 years and realize it really, really works. As a health care practitioner I am referring all of my clients to purchase the MELT products and use them at home. MELT will change your health and, with a healthy diet, will help keep you from bondage to our broken medical system. It’s health freedom in your own hands! Well worth the investment.
— Theresa Ann