Being human is a balancing act. 

We’ve accomplished an astounding feat. We’ve evolved to stand and walk upright, negotiating gravity through the contact each tender sole makes with the ground. 

No wonder, then, that we’re afraid of falling; the fear is hard-wired. And if we’re structurally off-kilter, our postural muscles over-burdened, we’re unconsciously working overtime to avoid collapse. 

The MELT Method restores balance, increases stability, and reduces the risk of falling in several ways. With the MELT soft balls and roller, you can:

  1. Deepen your grounding
  2. Boost neurological connection to your center of gravity
  3. Improve muscle timing and coordination
  4. Reduce joint compression
  5. Differentiate motion of neck, shoulders, ribs, pelvis
  6. Amp up positional awareness
  7. Tune your nervous system to “relax and restore”

Best of all, MELT techniques are simple, quick, and easy to do. Immediate and long-lasting results can be yours when you practice ten minutes a day, three times a week. 

MELT gives you a delicious way to be a well-balanced human being.

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