Snow and ice are melting outside my door as the temperature rises. Change of state, solid to fluid, and I think about what melts: Chocolate. Resistance. My heart. 

When Sue Hitzmann first developed the method, she called it M.E.L.T., for Myofascial Energetic Lengthening Technique. 

But soon it became evident that this self-care practice addresses much more than myofascia, the connective tissue that’s in and around your muscles. It rehydrates your body’s entire network of connective tissue, the three-dimensional matrix that supports, protects, and stabilizes all of you — including your bones, organs, blood vessels, nerves. In the process, it resets your nervous system to “relax and restore.”

What’s more: As it gently rehydrates your whole network of connective tissue and rebalances your nervous system, the method reduces inflammation, releases compression in your neck and low back, and boosts your self-healing capacity.

All-encompassing, M.E.L.T. became MELT. 

Melting away tension and stress, living with ease — that’s the sensation and the reward for practicing the MELT Method.

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