What is the MELT Method?
MELT is a series of simple and pleasurable treatments you do yourself in ten minutes, three times a week, to eliminate pain, erase signs of aging, and reset your nervous system to “relax and restore.”

Equipping you to banish aches and pains, MELT lets you keep doing what you love to do, no matter your age. Walk, dance, hike, and bike with ease. Bend down, reach up, carry, and hug. Write, draw, paint, play a musical instrument.

As MELT’s founder Sue Hitzmann says, chronic pain signals an issue in the connective tissue. I’ll add that we’re only as old as our connective tissue is stringy, sticky — dehydrated. Explained further in the FAQs, practicing MELT rehydrates your connective tissue, reduces inflammation, and keeps your joints moving smoothly.

As MELT rehydrates your connective tissue, it strengthens your nervous system’s signaling to your center of gravity, your center-point. In this way, MELT helps you to ground and center, to live a balanced life in alignment with your passion and purpose.

What makes MELT unique?
• Delicious self-care, activating your body’s capacity for self-healing
• Soft rollers and balls designed for pain-free compression
• Cost-effective self-treatment, with both immediate and long-lasting results

Who benefits from MELT?
Anyone who has, or is at risk for, joint pain interfering with what they love to do:
• Artists, crafters
• Musicians
• Dancers
• Carpenters
• Athletes: walkers, hikers, bikers, Camino pilgrims
• Massage therapists
• Surgeons

Anyone concerned about the signs aging:
• Chronic pain and illness
• Wrinkling skin
• Unsteadiness standing or walking
• Difficulty getting down and up from the floor
• Increased risk for injury due to falling

For more about MELT
See responses to frequently asked questions.